Parent / Pupil Views

What our parents have said about the school…

“My child looks forward to going to school and enjoys being there.”

“My children are happy at school.”

“Behaviour in school is of very high standard.”

“The atmosphere is good – children across the years know each other and play in mixed ages.”

“There is a wonderful family feel.”

“The school is very friendly and welcoming.”

“Great Early Years transitions from preschools.”

“The school has positive impact on children’s self-esteem – praising them and encouraging them.”

“Fantastic Friday’s are loved by my children.”

“Fantastic Fridays are a great experience, providing a varied curriculum.”

“The broad and balanced curriculum is a triumph!! The children are often doing something interesting and different.”

“I am extremely happy with Terrington School and often recommend it to others.”

“The Christian ethos is tangible in the way the children treat each other with kindness.”

“The school look after all the children, and help them develop as individuals.”

“My child has thrived at this school.  Terrington and Foston schools are an asset to this area!”

“Student-centred and aware of each child’s needs.”

What the children at our school have said about it…

“I like Terrington School, because it is small, with not too many people”

“This school is really friendly”

“The teachers here are really nice and help up lots”

“We are lucky because we have lots of things to do and a big meadow to play in when the weather is nice”

“Our school has lots of people that are kind”

“We make lot of things and the teachers display our work, which I like”

“I like it when we make things, or act out history lessons, it helps me remember what we are learning”

“This school is epic”

“We learn lots of interesting things at school”

“We go on residential trips in the Summer, and they are really cool”

Parent and Pupil Views of our school

Parent questionnaire results Summer 2017

Pupil questionnaire results Autumn 2017

Parent questionnaire results Summer 2018 and the presentation shown to parents at the feedback session.

Pupil Questionnaire Years 1-6 Autumn 2018 

Pupil Questionnaire Nursery and Reception Autumn 2018

Parent questionnaire results Summer 2019 and the presentation shown to parents at the feedback session.