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Sports Funding

Please find a link below to our planned sports premium spending for the year 2022-2023

PE funding Terrington plus impact 22-23

Please find a link below to our planned sports premium spending for the year 2021-2022

PE funding Terrington plus impact 21 22

Please find below a link to our planned sports premium spending for the year 2020-2021.

PE funding Terrington 20 21

Please find below a table outlining how we used our sports premium to improve our sporting offer to children in the academic year 2019-2020.

This funding has been given directly to schools.

Area Of Funding Description Cost Resources and CPD Impact
To further develop curriculum provision of P.E and widen children’s experiences 1/2 day of a HLTA to lead and develop P.E across the school. . Increase participation in competetive sports. Appoint a P.E coach across federation £5000 PE coach and time for HLTAs and TAs and MSA’s to work alongside them and experience team teaching Higher pupil involvement in a variety of sporting activities. Development of staffs skills. Development of organised activites at lunchtime.
To develop resources to enhance uptake in activitiy both during PE sessions and during social time Audit and enahnce resources across the federation £8000 Audit federation PE resources and purchase shared resources across the federation. Purchase suitable storage for resources to ensure longevity of resources. Encouraged and supported 1/2 hour activity per day. Enabled timetable change to teach PE in 4 1/2 hour slots each day, with PE coach for 1 hour on Friday.
To deliver enhancements in line with our curriculum intent
To incorporate stakeholder requests into the curriculum
Range of coaches to deliver sessions at sports enhancement days Enhanced cross curricular opportunities for active learning. Gave children access to a range of extra curricular sporting opportunities
To enhance curriculum with a range of sports and activitiesand meet criteria for 1/2 am hour PE per day Research and purchase PE skills activities No cost Timetable amended and trialled, teachers equipped with resources to teach high quality PE skills throughout the week 1/2 activity per day in class sessions and improved activites at lunch and after school
To further develop skills and knowledge of staff to lead high quality PE
ATA to undertake level 5 training in sports leadership
Level 5 sports leaders course
Two highly trained support staff assisted in delivery and leadership of PE