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Email: | Tel: 01653 648340

Early Years

Early Years Foundation Stage

Learning For Life Through Our Curriculum Opportunities

It is our aim through the Early Years Framework, our vision and core values, that all children will flourish and reach their full potential in order to be ambitious and successful in future life.

Our Core Values are:

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Our curriculum drivers are:

  • Creativity – ability to investigate and explore to creatively to develop knowledge, skills and understanding based on engaging and spontaneous opportunities and enhancement that are provided.
  • Inclusivity- our early years team carry high aspirations of our children and aim to inspire, engage and enthuse our pupils, within the stimulating and inclusive environment.
  • Diversity – the children are independent learners who challenge themselves, sparked from their own interests, to ignite an enthusiasm for learning about the world through the play-based approach.
  • Community – the children are fully involved in the community they live in and understand what it means to belong to a community further developed by our strong family links. They begin to develop an understanding of supporting and looking after all of our world.


Underpinned by our school values (including British values, curriculum drivers, learning habits, our academic curriculum uses the EYFS framework to develop an exciting and motivating curriculum for our youngest learners.

Foston and Terrington primary schools embody a play-based curriculum rooted in inspiring and creating thrill, investigation and independence within our learners. Teachers create clear objective-led planning regularly based on the children’s next steps in learning and interests shown. We pride ourselves on an inclusive, welcoming and inviting family approach. As practitioners we are constantly researching and trialing the very best practice to ensure outstanding outcomes for all of our children.


From this child-led approach to learning our children consistently make good progress and many achieve higher levels across the seven areas of learning. Through the immersive family approach this results in a full development of the holistic child. We spark a love for learning, producing happy children who want to come to school.